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Calipsonic is a clinic based in Mumbai meant for restoring hearing to a maximum extent. We are one of the leading and most suitable Hearing and Speech Therapy Clinic in Mumbai. Gone are the days when people suffer from hearing impairment.

ENT Specialist in mumbai
ENT Specialist in Mumbai

We have 40 Years of Experience behind us!

The technological leverage and the services offered by Calipsonic is incomparable to any other service provider in the market. With an overall experience of nearly 40 years in the clinical application field, Calipsonic is one of the best and most suitable Hearing and Speech Therapy center for individuals. We have qualified audiologists for providing the best services to suit the needs of the customers.

We firmly believe in a family-centric approach towards our treatment. We will be with you throughout your journey towards Hearing, Speech and Voice Therapy.

Top Services

ENT Consultation

What distinguishes us from other clinics is services of ENT expert who takes care of your infections of the ear and associated conditions. We have a qualified ENT Consultation in Mumbai for providing the best services to suit the needs of the customers.

What distinguishes us from other ENT experts is our services towards hearing and audiology. Our team of experts will take care of your hearing and completely work with you to ensure overwhelmed results. We will be there with you from your initial consultation through the subsequent stages like hearing aid selection, speech or language therapies, fitting or fine-tuning the equipment for optimal results and ongoing support. Throughout your entire journey, we will be coordinating with your family, medical expert to ensure your hearing health.


Calipsonic sees to it that your hearing issues are properly identified and for this purpose, we carry out Audiometric Assessment.

Counselling for Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implants are not known to people as widely as hearing aids are. Calipsonic offers counseling to parents and to their children to help them understand the benefits of using Cochlear Implants.

Speech and Voice Therapy

Speech Therapy is provided for various conditions affecting normal speech. Voice Therapy is very important where medical treatment cannot help. We are specialized in Voice Therapy following Vocal Palsy, Vocal Nodules and Therapy to restore voice following removal of voice box (Larynx).


Ankit’s  Story with Calipsonic

Ankit had a major stammering issue. He visited Calipsonic Hearing and Speech Clinic and this changed his life! Today he can speak without any difficulty. He runs a successful business and got married.

5 Year Old Vivan’s Story with Calipsonic

Vivan’s parents discovered his hearing issue at a very tender age. He had to go through a cochlear implant when he was just 22 months old. Today with help of his mother, special educators, and  Shruti School, Vivan is now able to hear and speak.

Only the best, always!

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